Legal Analysis, Research and Writing

legal writing The University of Washington School of Law provides rigorous training in legal analysis, research and writing. We offer basic and advanced courses that enable all students to master the core professional skills of analysis, research, and writing.

First Year Students

The required first-year course, Legal Analysis, Research and Writing (LARW) employs hands-on workshops that introduce students to methods of analyzing cases and statutes, as well as research skills and the conventions of legal writing. LARW faculty members integrate research instruction throughout the first-year program, while upper-division students build sophisticated research skills through advanced research courses. The Gallagher Law Library reference office serves as a valuable resource for all students as they master the latest methods of legal research.

Second and Third Year Students

In their second and third years, students fulfill their advanced writing requirement through certain courses, independent research and writing projects, or by working on a law school journal. Students can also take a variety of upper-level writing and research courses to further develop their practice skills.

Other opportunities to work on writing and research skills exist through legal writing competitions, moot court competitions, and law school clinics.

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