Washington Journal of Social & Environmental Justice


The Washington Journal of Social & Environmental Justice (formerly Washington Journal of Environmental Law and Policy) is an organization that advances interdisciplinary scholarship to promote positive social and environmental change. Under the leadership of student editors, the Journal publishes scholarship by academics, legal practitioners, and law students.

Mission Statement

The Washington Journal of Social & Environmental Justice publishes legal scholarship examining how communities interact with each other and the environment with the goal of highlighting injustice and encouraging positive change. Adhering to principles of equity, diversity, and representation, the Journal identifies challenges, posits solutions, and amplifies the voices of those most affected by injustice. This mission will be achieved by the collaboration and professionalism of our members, and the continued input from external advisors.

All Journal Diversity Statement

Washington Law Review, Washington International Law Journal, Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts, and Washington Journal of Social & Environmental Justice each embrace diversity as part of our commitment to furthering an inclusive community. Perspectives informed by cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, and other identities as well as daily lived-experiences encourage us to learn from each other, collaborate more effectively, and respect and appreciate our differences. We are also committed to supporting, participating, and partnering with others in efforts to make the legal profession diverse and inclusive. Furthermore, these perspectives allow each of the journals to pursue excellence in our respective publications, leadership, international culture, and the way in which we engage with the legal and scholarly communities.

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