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The Washington Journal of Environmental Law and Policy is entirely produced by students at the University of Washington School of Law. Journal membership provides students with broadly applicable editing, writing, and leadership skills, and connects students with practitioners in the environmental law community.

Staffed by second- and third-year law students, Journal members oversee article solicitation, selection, editing, and production of publications and commentary. Members are also required to write, and potentially publish, an article examining a topic of their choosing. Writing at this level provides students with the invaluable opportunity to engage in self-directed research all while improving writing and analytical expertise. Past student topics have included public health, use of drones in conservation efforts, land use, climate change policy, green business development, Indian law, among many others.

New members are selected twice annually from students attending the University of Washington School of Law through one of two processes. Rising second-year students may choose to participate in the Melissa S. Landers Write-On Competition immediately after completing spring exams in the first year, a process also open to transfer students.

Provided a candidate has never before declined to accept membership to a journal at the UW School of law, second-year students may choose to write-on to the Journal directly during fall quarter or participate in the Second-Year Student Writing Competition during winter quarter in their second year. With either process, candidates are selected after comprehensive review of submitted materials and a unique personal statement expressing a particular and compelling desire to be a member of the Washington Journal of Environmental Law & Policy. Before applying, please see our rules for further information: Second-year Write-On Information.

Questions about member selection and membership requirements are welcome at wjelp@uw.edu.

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