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Editorial Policy

The Washington Journal of Environmental Law & Policy has a particular interest in works which employ thorough investigative research, incisive analysis, and innovative elucidations to the environmental law and policy topics weighing most heavily in the contemporary journalistic discourse.

We welcome works that include an accessible scientific or interdisciplinary discussion as it relates to relevant law and policy. We strive to publish a body of journalism that is balanced yet bold. We value works which include a topic’s biological, ecological, or other environmental context and background. We will publish only those works which provide practical benefit to a general environmental and legal audience, and which serve the greater common good. Without imposing any length limitation, WJELP recognizes the growing trend toward efficient works and will attempt to avoid those exceeding 60 formatted pages.

WJELP conforms to conventions established by the latest edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, and the style recommendations articulated in the latest editions of The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style and The Chicago Manual of Style. We follow the spellings of Webster’s Third New International Dictionary and the latest edition of Black’s Law Dictionary.

Factual statements, direct quotations and paraphrasing, legal references, and any other assertion not flowing logically from a foundation of sound premises and argumentation must all be supported by a credible citation. It is our policy to limit editorial feedback. However, our editors will recommend changes to improve clarity, persuasiveness, and grammatical and clerical accuracy. All recommendations will be preserved for author review; no change will be made without author approval.

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