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The Washington Journal of Environmental Law & Policy at the University of Washington School of Law is a recent and exciting addition to environmental legal scholarship in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Founded in 2009, we work to compliment the University of Washington’s outstanding record on environmental sustainability and the University of Washington School of Law’s commitment to training the next generation of environmental legal practitioners, scholars, and policymakers.

Notably, this past year, WJELP co-hosted an Environmental Law Symposium on Ocean Acidficiation. The Symposuim brought together influential scholars, attorneys, policy makers, and others to discuss and develop solutions to this pressing issue. We recently published a Handbook on this topic, which aims to equip legal practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of the complex issues presented by ocean acidification.


Submissions are invited for papers focused on how the legal landscape contends with the challenges of earthquakes and natural disasters. WJELP is partnering with the University of Washington Environmental Law Program to host this year's Environmental Law Symposium in January 2017. The Symposium will have a narrower focus on the topic of earthquake response in the Pacific Northwest.

Accepted papers will be printed in a monograph book, and selected authors may have the opportunity to present their papers at the Annual Symposium. See the Submissions page for more detail.

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