The Washington International Law Journal is currently seeking submissions of articles and translations for its upcoming volumes. The Journal welcomes the submission of articles that focus on domestic law or policy in any non-United States nation or an issue of international or comparative law that relates to one or more non-United States nations. Of particular interest to the Journal are articles that make use of foreign-language sources otherwise unavailable to English-language readers. The Journal also welcomes the submission of English translations of foreign legal materials and legal scholarship. Translations may be submitted in conjunction with related commentary and analysis. Translations of scholarship must be accompanied by the original author’s permission to reprint.


Articles should be written in typical law journal style: analytic, well-supported with citations to authority, and of a length that allows for sufficient treatment of the article's specific focus and some of the broader implications of the topic.  Articles published in the Journal are generally twenty to forty pages in length.  Citations should conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (19th ed.), as well as to the Journal’s Style Guide.  Authors that submit to the Journal are typically law students, lawyers or legal scholars, but the Journal considers all submissions based on their quality rather than on their author’s credentials.

A submission must pass through a number of phases before it is published in the Journal. First, the Journal’s article department determines whether the topic of the piece is novel and within the Journal’s scope. Second, the Journal’s article department reads those qualifying articles to evaluate the quality of the writing, research, citations, and legal argument. If the piece passes through these two stages, the author will be offered publication contingent on a successful peer review. The piece is then sent to a panel of academics and practitioners with relevant expertise to be read and critiqued. If the piece passes through peer review, the piece must still be edited, cite checked, and formatted by the editors of the Journal prior to publication. Authors accepting offers of publication in the Journal are expected to provide copies of sources as necessary and to respond to editing requests promptly. The entire process – from submission to publication – may take anywhere from three to six months, depending on he time of year and the availability of space in upcoming issues.

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