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Volume 26  |  Issue 2  |  April 2017

Chinese Patent Law’s Statutory Damages Provision: The One Size That Fits None

Xiaowu Li & Don Wang
26 WASH. INT'L L.J. 209 (2017)

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Entrenching the Minority: The Constitutional Court in Thailand’s Political Conflict

Khemthong Tonakulrungruang
26 WASH. INT'L L.J. 247 (2017)

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Pushing the Envelope: Application of Guiding Cases in Chinese Courts and Development of Case Law in China

Mo Zhang
26. WASH. INT’L. L. J. 269 (2017)

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Volume 26  |  Issue 1  |  January 2017

Article 9 in the Post-Sunakawa World: Continuity and Deterrence Within a Transforming Global Context

John O. Haley
26 WASH. INT’L. L.J. 1 (2017)

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Contemplated Amendments to Japan’s 1947 Constitution: A Return to Iye, Kokutai and the Meiji State

Carl F. Goodman
26 WASH. INT’L. L.J. 17 (2017)

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Constitution and Narrative in the Age of Crisis in Japanese Politics

Keigo Komamura
26 WASH. INT’L. L.J. 75 (2017)

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Interpretation of the Pacifist Article of the Constitution by the Bureau of Cabinet Legislation: A New Source of Constitutional Law?

Hajime Yamamoto
26 WASH. INT’L. L.J. 99 (2017)

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The End of Constitutional Pacifism?

Yasuo Hasebe
26 WASH. INT’L. L.J. 125 (2017)

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A Review of Who Rules Japan?: Popular Participation in the Japanese Legal Process

Daniel Foote
26 WASH. INT’L. L.J. 137 (2017) (book review)

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Supreme People’s Court Annual Report on Intellectual Property Cases (2015) (China)

Xiaohan Lou, Mingyuan Song, & Chao Yu
26 WASH. INT’L. L.J. 147 (2017).

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Garbage Day: Will Italy Finally Take Out Its Trash in the Land of Fires?

Jason A. Slaybaugh
26 WASH. INT’L. L.J 179 (2017)

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