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Volume 27  |  Issue 3  |  June 2018

Combating Climate Recalcitrance: Carbon-Related Border Tax Adjustments in a New Era of Global Climate Governance

David A. C. Bullock
27 WASH. INT'L L.J. 609

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Jus Pro Bello: The Impact of International Prosecutions on War Continuation

Marco Bocchese
27 WASH. INT'L L.J. 645

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The Limits of Constitutional Deferral: Lessons From the History of the 2004 Constitution of Afghanistan

Shamshad Pasarlay
27 WASH. INT'L L.J. 683

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Hangeul as a Tool of Resistance Against Forced Assimilation: Making Sense of the Framework Act on Korean Language

Minjung (Michelle) Hur
27 WASH. INT'L L.J. 715

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The Sociedad Por Acciones Simplificada: Suggestions for Further Reform of Mexico’s First Unipersonal Limited Liability Entity

Laura K. Daugherty
27 WASH. INT'L L.J. 743

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Volume 27  |  Issue 2  |  April 2018

ASEAN Investments Treaties, RCEP, and CPTPP: Regional Strategies, Norms, Institutions, and Politics

Diane A. Desierto
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 349

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Whose Fault in an Aging World?: Comparing Dementia-Related Tort Liability in Common Law and Civil Law Jurisdictions

Trevor Ryan & Wendy Bonython
27 WASH.INT’L L.J. 407

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Transitional Justice Legislation in Taiwan Before and During the Tsai Administration 

Ernest Caldwell
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 449

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Acts of Financial Distress in the EU: Is the EU to Blame?

Venetia Argyropoulou
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 485

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Paris When it Sizzles: What Agenda 21 Can Tell Us About the Likely Success of the Paris Agreement

Jennifer Devlin Calkins
27 WASH. INT'L L.J. 523

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Ineffective by Design: A Critique of Campaign Finance Law Enforcement in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom

Kelly Ann Skahan
27 WASH. INT'L L.J. 577

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Volume 27  |  Issue 1  |  December 2017

East Asian Court Reform on Trial: Introduction to the Symposium

Setsuo Miyazawa
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 1

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Diversification of the Japanese Judiciary 

Daniel H. Foote
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 7

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Assessing the Direct and Indirect Impact of Citizen Participation in Serious Criminal Trials in Japan

Matthew J. Wilson
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 75

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Victim Participation in Japan

Erik Herber
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 119

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Introduction of Videotaping of Interrogations and the Lessons of the Imaichi Case: A Case of Conventional Criminal Justice Policy-Making in Japan

Setsuo Miyazawa & Mari Hirayama
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 149

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Advance Toward "People's Court" in South Korea

Yong Chui Park
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 177

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Criminal Court Reform in Taiwan: A Case of Fragmented Reform in a Not-Fragmented Court System

Kai-Ping Su
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 203

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Court Reform with Chinese Characteristics

Margaret Y.K. Woo
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 241

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East Asian Court Reform on Trial: Comments on the Contributions

Malcolm M. Feeley
27 WASH. INT'L L.J. 273

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The Supreme People's Court's Annual Report on Intellectual Property (2016) (China) 

Translated by Tianyi (Tammy) Wu & Xiaoyang Wang
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 295

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"So Far as War Allows": Why the Al Mahdi Conviction is Unlikely to Stem the Pace of Cultural Destruction Perpetrated by Non-State Actors

Jessica E. Burrus
27 WASH. INT’L L.J. 317

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