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Hall Health

(206) 685-1011

Hall Health Center provides many services for students and employees, including primary health care, women’s health care, immunizations, and many other services.

Hall Health also provides a smoking cessation program available for both employees and students.

Hall Health Mental Health Clinic

(206) 543-5030

Hall Health’s Mental Health Clinic provides support groups and other mental health services.

If you are in urgent need of help, the Mental Health Clinic has a professional available to talk from 9AM-5PM weekdays.

IMA Fitness Classes

The IMA hosts many different fitness classes, including yoga, weight training, martial arts, and many more, often for less than the cost of a class at a gym.

Experimental College

The Experimental College provides many different classes, including fitness, stress reduction, nutrition, and financial classes.


If you are looking for more options, the UW has a site for wellness on campus. It lists all the resources available on campus dedicated to helping you be healthier.

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