Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Course Requests page?

The Course Requests page lists all of the classes and clinics you requested during pre-registration and tells you which ones you were accepted into, which ones you are waitlisted for, and which requests are pending. The tables show requests for all 3 quarters, but only SLNs and add codes for the current registration period. You will use the information found on the Course Requests page and enter it into MyUW to register.

I want to take other classes than I originally requested. What do I do?

You may request classes on your Course Requests page for Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters anytime. The Course Requests page is updated on an ongoing basis.

My Course Requests page lists "pending" next to classes that I’ve requested. What does that mean?

All new course requests are "pending" until updated. The Course Requests page is updated on an ongoing basis.

I submitted course requests during the "pre-registration" period – do I need to do anything else to be registered?

Yes! Pre-registration is not the same as actually registering. The Course Requests page is an internal planning tool used by the law school. Registration on MyUW is a University-wide system that determines your tuition bill and officially enrolls you in a class. Once Academic Services publishes the SLNs and tells you which classes you were accepted into, you must log on to MyUW and click on registration to officially register in those courses. The same applies to dropping classes.

I missed the pre-registration process. How do I sign up for classes?

Once the pre-registration results are released, you may submit requests through the Course Requests page. You will be added to classes with space available.

How do I register?

Once you have completed the pre-registration process, check your Course Requests page for SLNs and add codes. Once you have that information, log in to MyUW and click on Registration under Student Personal Services. You will be asked to review your current address and choose your Student Insurance/Optional Charges before you are allowed to register. Then you enter your SLNs and any required add codes to register. YOU WILL REGISTER ONLY FOR THE UPCOMING QUARTER.

Do I register myself for continuing classes?

Yes! This is not an automatic process – you must register yourself for any classes that continue into the next quarter as well as new courses.

Do I register for all 3 quarters at the same time?

No! You will register ahead of each quarter, and the registration period lasts through the first week of class, after which time you will be charged a fee to add or drop a course. For Autumn quarter, registration starts in May. For Winter quarter, you will register in November. For Spring quarter, you will register in February. For Summer quarter, you will register in April.

I want to take either less than 12 credits or more than 18 credits. Is that allowed?

Yes, with permission. You must submit a Course Load Approval form to Academic Services.

I want to take a class from a different department at the UW. What do I do?

You must contact the department of the class you are interested in to find out about registration. If you want the non-law class to count toward your degree, it should be at least a 400-level course or above and graded. You must submit a Credit for Non-Law Course form to Academic Services, on which you will need to explain how the course complements your law studies. There is a maximum limit of 15 credits of non-law credits permitted and this amount may be limited more if a student is doing any externship credits.

Where do I find my add codes for the courses I requested during pre-registration?

Course/clinic requests, add codes, and waitlist positions can be found on your Course Requests page.

MyUW lists satisfactory/non-satisfactory as a grading option. Am I allowed to choose this?

Satisfactory/non-satisfactory (S/NS) is not a grading option available for law classes. This is not the same as Credit/No Credit (CR/NC).

What are the registration and add/drop deadlines?

Law students need to complete all registration by the second Friday of each quarter. Typically, students must register for at least 1 credit by the first day of class to avoid being charged a late registration fee. After that, students may add/drop classes without a fee through the first week of class. After the first week, there is a fee per day for adds and drops.

What if I drop a class after the 2nd week of the quarter?

If you drop a class after the 2nd week of class, you must use your "Annual Drop", which results in a W on your transcript and a change of registration fee.  You are only allowed to use this privilege once every academic year (Autumn-Summer) and it must be before the 7th week of the quarter.  See Course Drop Policy/Periods for more info.

What is an SLN?

SLN stands for Schedule Line Number. This 5-digit number identifies the course and section of each class on the registration system. You need this number to register on MyUW.

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