Registration Instructions
For Upper-Class Students


There may be differences between the course schedules on the Law School website and the scheduling information on your MyUW page. The Law School schedules are correct, and the UW information is being corrected to match. If you are told that there is a conflict, please contact Academic Services.

Pre-Registration Course Requests Review

Review your Course Requests. Make sure you have 18 or less credits in “Accept” status, unless you are planning to take more than 18 credits. In that case, you must have submitted a course load approval form.

Add Codes Posted to Course requests Page

Add codes will be posted to your Course Requests page ahead of registration. Add codes will not be assigned for credits in excess of 18, unless you have course load approval. You will need to decline excess requests to receive add codes.

Registration on MyUW

You will use the SLNs and add codes communicated to you through the Course Requests to register for your classes on the University MyUW page. This is also where you will drop and add enrollments. The University Academic Calendar includes complete information about UW registration deadlines and fees.

Course Requests Review

Students who have not registered by the retraction date posted for a course request will lose "Accept" status and the add code (if one is assigned) for any class with a wait list. They will be moved to the bottom of the wait list. Waitlisted students will be moved up for any classes with unused add codes or declined spots, and new requests will be addressed. Be sure to promptly use add codes, and to change your request status for any classes for which you no longer wish to register to “Decline”.


  • Tuesday, June 21
  • Monday, July 11
  • Monday, August 15
  • Tuesday, September 6
  • Monday, September 19
  • Monday, September 26
  • Monday, November 21
  • Tuesday, December 20
  • Tuesday, January 3
  • Monday, March 6
  • Tuesday, March 21
  • Monday, March 27

How to Change Course Requests

You may submit new requests for classes throughout the academic year, using your Course Requests page. When you submit a new request, it will show as “Pending.” You will be issued Accept status and an add code (during the registration period for the upcoming quarter) the next time Course Requests are reviewed, assuming (1) there is space in the class, and (2) that you do not exceed 18 credits (or if you do, that you have a “course load approval form” on file). Wait listed requests do not count against your total.

Wait Lists

Course Requests wait lists are viewable on a Course Wait Lists page. Your wait list status and rank is viewable on your Course Requests page. If you are wait listed for a course, check the Course Requests page to see if your wait list status has changed. You are advised to do so ahead of and following the add code retraction dates, as updates will be made on those dates as well as on an ongoing basis. If you are still on the wait list on the first day of classes, plan to attend the class or clinic if you are still interested.

Permission Forms

Permission forms must submitted to Academic Services before registering on your MyUW. Permission Forms are required for:

Full-time faculty supervisors are required for LAW 600 Independent Study and LAW E 500 Independent Advanced Writing Projects. Part-time faculty may supervise E500 projects only with the permission of an Associate Dean.


Students who are taking an externship must complete the required paperwork with the Director of Externships, Esther Park. After all the paperwork is completed, Academic Services will register students for externship credits. This process can take considerable time, so don’t wait to get started. Students must enroll concurrently in an approved externship seminar. Students who have previously completed an approved externship seminar may be excused from enrolling in a subsequent externship seminar.

S/NS Grading

J.D. students may take up to 8 credits of non-required classes on a Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory (S/NS) basis. In order to elect to take a class S/NS, a student must make the election in the MyUW registration interface by the end of week 7 of the quarter (note that registration change fees apply after week 1 of the quarter). For LL.M. students, this option is not generally used and must be approved by the program director.

Registration Limitations

The following limitations are for J.D. students only unless LL.M. students are specifically mentioned:

  1. 18 credits maximum may be earned for externships (LAW B530, B535, B538, B539, B560, C530, and C535) and non-law course work combined. Clinics do not fall under this credit limitation.
  2. J.D. students may earn 8 credits maximum in the aggregate for LAW 600 C, D, E, and F.
  3. LL.M. students may earn 12 credits maximum in LAW 600.
  4. J.D. students may take up to 8 credits of non-required classes on a Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory (S/NS) basis.


Examination information appears with individual course information in the Course Catalog and on the Exams page. DO NOT MAKE TRAVEL PLANS during the exam period until you know the days/times of all of your exams. Variations from the exam schedule are very limited and will be permitted only for conflicting exam times (see reschedule policy) or approved special circumstances. These circumstances would include severe physical or mental illness, or very unusual or demanding circumstances that make it unreasonably difficult or burdensome to meet the scheduled time.


Health Insurance

Health insurance is issued quarterly or annually. You may add, cancel, or change your insurance selection through MyUW. If you will be gone for a quarter during the year, you can purchase the “annual” insurance in a prior quarter and have continuing coverage.

Change of Address/Name

Make any and all address changes through your MyUW page. If you have a name change, you will need to fill out paperwork with the main campus Registrar. Please also inform Academic Services of any name change so that we can update our database and your student mailroom folder.


If you decide not to attend school after registering, you must withdraw from all courses via your MyUW page and see Associate Dean Anna Endter. You may be liable for partial or full tuition if you do not withdraw by the appropriate withdrawal deadlines.

Academic Policies and Procedures

Law school academic policies and procedures are posted on the Academic Policies & Procedures page.

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