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Minority Student Organizations

Asian/Pacific American Law Student Association

The Asian/Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA) was formed with two major goals: 1) to organize, support, and promote the concerns of Asian and Pacific Islander minorities in the legal profession and 2) to increase ethnic diversity and awareness in the Law School and in the legal profession. All regularly enrolled students at the Law School are welcome to join.

Black Law Students Association

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) aims to foster an inclusive community and provide support for Black law students. The association provides a forum for students to express their needs and concerns as they navigate the legal profession. BLSA strives to build and strengthen relationships between Black law students and the larger legal community. Activities include regular meetings, mentorship, social events, and community service.

Mary Ruffin ()

Vice President:
Treja Jones

Chinese American Law Students Association

CALSA's purpose is to organize, support, and promote the concerns of Chinese Americans in the legal profession; foster an understanding of the current issues pertinent to the Chinese community, and raise awareness of law and policy issues affecting China.

For more information, please email the group at

Disability Law Alliance

DLA is an organization of students with and without disabilities working to raise awareness, foster dialogue, and support advocacy concerning disability law issues; to create an accessible and inclusive environment at the Law School; and to encourage and enhance career opportunities in the field of disability law. Please see our webpage for more information!

Japanese American Law Students Association

The Japanese American Law Students Association (JALSA) gives voice to the concerns of Japanese law students and lawyers, as well as provides a forum for discussing legal issues that impact Japan and Asia at large. To that end, JALSA aims to: (1) organize, support, and promote the concerns of Japanese law students and legal professionals; (2) increase diversity and awareness in the law school and legal profession; and (3) promote interest in and encourage discussion of legal and policy issues in Japan.

Jewish Law Students Association

The mission of the Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) is to celebrate the tradition of lawyering as a form of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). The JLSA is designed to meet the needs of the Jewish student body within the University of Washington School of Law. Our organization includes secular as well as observant students, and all of our events are open to the entire law school community. Activities include social events, monthly “Lox ‘n Learn” with Rabbi Oren on Jewish/legal topics, and events celebrating Jewish holidays. We are also affiliated with UW’s Hillel community.

For more information, please contact the group at:

Korean American Law Student Association

KALSA at UW was started in 2005 by registered University of Washington Law School students with the goal of serving the Korean-American and the greater Seattle community through various community service and scholarly efforts. KALSA members work closely with the Korean-American Bar Association, Korean Community Counseling Center, and other community groups to further KALSA goals.

Estella Jung ()

Latino/Latina Law Students Association

Our purpose is to create a support a network and community for Latina/o students at UW, promote higher education, and to provide mentorship for youth interested in law and newly admitted students. We are also committed to promoting minority and social justice issues at the law school, as well as in the legal profession and the community at large. Latino/Latina Law Students Association sponsors outreach programs, motivational speaking engagements, area and intra-state school visits, an annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration, and other events aimed at educating and creating awareness of issues affecting our communities. This organization is open to everyone.

Monica Romero ()

Law Students Starting Second Careers

LSSSC provides programs of interest, networking opportunities, mentoring, and social support for students who have spent some time in the work force, raising a family, or pursuing other interests prior to attending law school. LSSSC works with the UWLS and UW administrations to improve services and opportunities for these law students. Generally, these students enter law school at a later than average age, have been employed in the past, or have other experiences that may enrich and inform their law school experience.

Middle Eastern and South Asian Law Student Association

Middle Eastern and South Asian Law Student Association

MESALSA strives to create a sense of community among student of Middle Eastern and South Asian heritage, as well as students interested in the Middle East and South Asia. MESALSA creates an opportunity to connect with Middle Eastern and South Asian political and legal professionals, as well as other Middle Eastern and South Asian professionals, in the Greater Seattle Area through events and programs. We are committed to promoting the success of our Middle Eastern and South Asian law students in their professional careers, as well as promoting awareness of issues facing our communities through events and discussion.

MESALSA recognizes and appreciates that the Middle East and South Asia are diverse and distinct regions, but we also choose to recognize and appreciate the similar and unique issues both communities face, and celebrate its presences in the Pacific Northwest.

Jeef Chandra ()

Minority Law Students' Association

The Minority Law Student Association is for systemically marginalized students of this institution looking for a space to build community, question power, and further the goals of social justice. MLSA intentionally reclaims space for students of color, queer folks, people with disabilities, and other students from backgrounds that have been marginalized and continue to struggle with access to legal institutions and justice. MLSA offers solidarity with students who may not identify closely with traditional law school trajectories, and seeks to create a place of community for those doing similar work. In addition to other affinity groups, MLSA is a space for minorities built on the mission to center and amplify their voices and experiences.

Paula Luu ()

Native American Law Student Association

The Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) was founded in 1970 to support Native American students at the University of Washington School of Law, and to promote the study of Indian law in order to serve tribes and tribal communities with commitment and excellence.

Dawn M Escarcega ()

Outlaws (LGBT Student Group)

The purpose of Outlaws is to provide a social and support network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) law students at the University of Washington (UW) School of Law; to raise awareness of LGBT legal issues within the student body and faculty; and to provide mentoring to law students by sponsoring on-campus speakers, discussion panels, and advocacy activities.

When contacting Outlaws, message Co-Presidents Shweta Jawardhan at and Hannah Parman at .

Parents Attending Law School

PALS aims to create a social network, support group, and student organization for students who have or are considering having children, as well as raising awareness in the law school community about work-family and parenting-related issues.

We strive to create an environment in which students and their children can grow and learn together. This year we will sponsor fun events for children and their parents, provide a casual forum for networking about shared parenting experiences, and work to focus attention on the particular issues affecting parents in law school and beyond.

For more information, please contact Samantha Hunt at: .

Women's Law Caucus

The Women’s Law Caucus is dedicated to raising awareness about women in law—both as professionals in the field and as subjects of the law. We provide support to law students through mentorship programs, informational workshops, networking and service opportunities, and educational and social events.


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