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Student scholarship through participation on law journal editorial boards at the University of Washington School of Law is an important academic opportunity for law students. All journals are student-run, and each publishes distinct, innovative articles by law professors and legal practitioners from across the country and around the world. Exceptional law student articles are also published in each journal.

Being part of a law journal staff is an excellent way for law students to critically engage in current legal issues and to collaborate closely with other students to study the nuances of contemporary legal scholarship. The experience enhances writing, editing and citation-checking skills.

For information on how to join a journal: 1L and 2L Write-On Information

To learn more about each journal, including subscription details and manuscript submission requirements, check out the journals:

  • Washington International Law Journal
    Washington International Law Journal was founded in 1990 as an innovative vehicle for the discussion of legal and interdisciplinary policy-oriented issues affecting both Asian and trans-Pacific affairs. The Journal's function is three-fold. First, the Journal provides valuable writing and editing experience to University of Washington law students interested in Washington International Law Journal issues. Second, the Journal, as one of the only two student-edited law journals in the United States devoted to the Pacific Basin, and the only journal featuring translations of East Asian legal scholarship, encourages the debate of issues vital to the Pacific Rim. Third, the Journal enhances the University of Washington School of Law's national and international role as a center for East Asian legal studies. Membership is competitive and based upon first year grades and writing competition scores.

    Room: L181
    Phone: (206) 543-6649

  • Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts
    The Washington Journal of Law, Technology & Arts publishes concise legal analysis for practicing attorneys. The Journal, which was launched in 2003, publishes in an electronic format and addresses business law and technology issues in a global context. The Journal's concise online format ensures each issue contains cutting-edge analysis of legal of emerging issues in business and technology. The Journal is a partnership between student editors and an Editorial Board comprised of faculty and attorneys who are noted experts in their respective fields. Membership is competitive and based upon first-year grades and performance in a writing competition.

    Room: L107A
    Phone: (206) 543-1244

  • Washington Law Review
    Washington Law Review publishes four issues each year and regularly posts online features in WLR Online. We publish pieces for a general legal audience and invite authors to submit legal scholarship on all topics. WLR embraces a multi-faceted, intersectional approach to legal issues relevant to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. We seek to respond to the overdue and critical need for diverse voices in law; primarily voices that have been historically underrepresented in our legal community. Students at the University of Washington School of Law have the opportunity to apply to join WLR upon completion of their first year of law school or during the winter quarter of their second year. Students also have an opportunity to publish scholarship and contribute their original research to the larger legal conversation through WLR.

    Room: L184
    Phone: (206) 543-4068

  • Washington Journal of Social & Environmental Justice
    The Washington Journal of Social & Environmental Justice publishes legal scholarship examining how communities interact with each other and the environment with the goal of highlighting injustice and encouraging positive change. Adhering to principles of equity, diversity, and representation, the Journal identifies challenges, posits solutions, and amplifies the voices of those most affected by injustice. This mission will be achieved by the collaboration and professionalism of our members, and the continued input from external advisors.

    Room: L107B
    Phone: (206) 543-1244


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