Exam Instructions

Exam Schedule

The exam schedule is posted on the exams webpage by the first day of each quarter.

NOTE: The MyUW page on exams never lists the correct exam days and times for law school courses.

Exam Numbers

Law School exams are taken by exam numbers instead of by names. Students are assigned a unique exam number each quarter, available on your MyLaw page, under the "Exams" tab.

Students are responsible for knowing their exam number prior to the start of each exam and recording it on any item submitted as part of the exam.

Exams to be taken inside designated rooms

The law faculty adopted the policy in April 2007 that "all Law School exams (other than take-home exams) be taken in designated rooms under procedures established by the deans and Academic Services."

A chart, with a list of assigned rooms for exams, will be posted each exam day on the 1st floor of the classroom wing.


Exams will be distributed in the assigned exam room for a class beginning 10 minutes before the starting time of the exam. Typically students may enter the room and set up for their exam about 15 to 20 minutes prior to the start time for the exam.

Take-Home Exams

All take-home exams are scheduled to start at 8:30 AM. Take-home exams will be distributed in the posted room(s) starting 10 minutes before the starting time of the exam. Answers are due back to the Academic Services Office (Room 361) in hard copy printed form, within the allotted time. Note: If a take-home exam is picked up after 8:30 AM, the due time will remain the same (4:30 PM for an 8-hour exam, 8:30 AM for a 24-hour exam). 24-hour exam answers may be turned in to the law library book drop box by the Supreme Cup Café if submitted before the office is open at 8:00 AM.

Remember to test printing on your laptop before exams, and to add money for printing to your HuskyCard in advance of the exam period.

Rescheduled Exams

You must complete an Exam Reschedule Request in order to reschedule an exam. Do not attempt to contact instructors about rescheduling exams.

If you have rescheduled an exam, you will be sent an email with instructions on where you will be taking the exam.

Exam Seating

Seat yourself so that an empty seat or aisle is between you and the next person. Students are not permitted to share notes, textbooks, or have any conversations with other students once the exam has begun.

Writing the Exam

Do not read anything other than the instructions on the cover sheet prior to the time the exam is scheduled to begin. Check to be sure that you have all of the pages and that they are legible. If you are using exam software, open the program and follow all of the appropriate steps up to the "begin exam" point. At the conclusion of your exam time, you will select "Save & End" from the options, and then follow the on-screen instructions to submit your answer. You will receive visual confirmation upon successful submission, as well as a confirmation email. More information on downloading and using exam software is available on the ExamSoft Information page. If you are not using ExamSoft, write the course name and number on your bluebook. Write your exam number on each bluebook in the space provided for name, not your name.


Students are required to provide their own 8½ x 11 bluebooks. Do not use the smaller sized bluebooks. Bluebooks are available at the University Bookstore. The exam proctor will also always have some emergency blue books available.

Exam Materials

Students need to be sure to have all needed materials with them prior to the start of the exam. Students are not permitted to take the exam questions out of the room. Students are also not permitted to leave the room to get books, notes, or other items. For classrooms with closed book exams, approved scratch paper will be provided, and it will need to be turned it with the exam.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices including cell phones, MP3 players, and similar devices, need to be turned off and stored out of sight during an exam. Ringers or buzzers on watches and clocks should be silenced. Headphones and earbuds are not permitted to be worn in the exam room.


Students may wish to use earplugs to avoid distractions during the examination period.

Computers & Computer Devices

Students are not required to use a computer to take their exams. Complete information on the use of computers for exams is available at Use of Computers on Exams.

Non-English Speakers

Students who do not speak English as their native language may be permitted extra time on exams. Those students who believe they may qualify need to complete a Language Accommodation Request for Examinations by the reschedule deadline for that quarter. Students will be notified by email regarding approval of the request and of the specific arrangements for this accommodation.

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