Exams - Frequently Asked Questions

May I take a break to use the restroom or go the first floor vending machines during an in-person exam?

Yes, but you are not permitted to take any materials with you, or have a conversation with anyone (other than an exam administrator).

May I go outside to take a break?

No, students may not leave the building during an in-person exam except in the case of an emergency.

May I bring food and drink into the examination room?

Yes, a limited amount of food and/or drinks may be brought into the examination room so long as the access to and the consumption of those items are not disturbing to other students taking the exam. You may not share items with others in the examination room.

When do I start the exam?

In-person exams start and stop by the clock in the classroom. An exam administrator will announce the start and the end times in the room.

What if I am sick on the day of the exam?

Students who are sick are not expected to take an exam in that condition. If you are sick enough not to be able to take an exam, you should seek treatment. It would be expected that you get a treatment note from the doctor or clinic that you see. That note needs to be submitted to Academic Services at or before the time of the rescheduled exam.

What if I don't have a (useable) laptop?

You are able to borrow borrow a laptop (among other equipment) through the UW Student Technology Loan Program, which is funded by your technology fee. Remember to save any files you wish to keep (such as your ExamSoft answer files) before returning a laptop, as they are reformatted upon return.

Where can I find exams and outlines from past classes?

On the Gallagher Law Library website, look under Find It for links to Law School Exams and Outlines. Both collections are UW restricted, so you will need to log in with your UW NetID and password to access them. The exams are arranged by the name of the professor and the outlines are arranged by course.

The Law Library relies on professors to submit electronic copies of their exams for this collection. Please contact your professor to inquire about the availability of previous exams that are not posted in the archive.

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