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Examplify from ExamSoft is the exam administration software used by the University of Washington School of Law. The software acts as an "armored word processor" for students to write exam answers in, with security settings customized based on instructor preference (see information on "Security Settings" below). In addition to locking down computers during exam taking, the software also allows students to submit exam answers electronically at the conclusion of the exam.

Downloading and Installing

Each Autumn quarter, all students should download the updated version of the exam software.

Follow these simple steps to install and register:

  1. Go to www.examsoft.com/uwlaw.
  2. Log in under 'Exam Takers' using your UWNetID and password.
  3. Download the exam software and complete the installation process.
  4. Launch the exam software and register using your UWNetID password. Our "Institution ID" is uwlaw.
  5. Download and take one or more practice exams to familiarize yourself with the program.

Each quarter, you will download the templates for your specific exams before the exam period; additional time will not be given for downloading during exam administration.

Security Settings

Each exam template will have a password assigned, which you will be given at the time of the exam administration. Before that time, you will only be able to download the template; until you have the password for your particular template,you will not be able to open it.

Each exam template will also have security settings, determined by the course instructor(s). These are set for each particular exam template, and are not able to be modified by users.

There are three possible exam security configurations:


Only the exam software will run during your exam. All other programs and files will be blocked, including internet access, until you "end" your exam.


The software will run, but will not cut off access to other programs and files on your computer. You cannot cut/copy and paste into the software. Internet access is blocked.


This is the same as NON-SECURE BLOCKED INTERNET, except that internet access remains open.

Using the Software

Everyone is strongly urged to do at least one "Practice Exam" after installing a new version in order to become comfortable with using the software.

There are three practice exam templates available:

  • PracticeTest_Secure_ (Password: practice)
  • PracticeTest_NonSecure-Blocked-Internet (Password: practice)
  • PracticeTest_NonSecure (Password: practice)

Our "Institution ID" is uwlaw.

Be sure to disable any antivirus programs you might have running on your computer before you take an exam.

Using Word Count

Examplify provides a word count for essay questions just above the answer area. It includes:

  • Number of words in the current answer
  • The character limit for the answer
Screen capture of Word Count

To see more information, you can click on the paper symbol next to the character count. This window provides the total number of words, characters, and characters without spaces for the essay response. If text is selected in the current question, Examplify provides the same information for the text that is selected.

Submitting your Exam Answer

At the conclusion of your session, you will select "Submit Exam" from the Exam Controls menu, and then follow the on-screen instructions to submit your answer. You will receive visual confirmation upon successful submission, as well as a confirmation email.

Helpful Resources

The ExamSoft Community portal at http://examsoft.com/support has lots of helpful information on installing and using the software.

Technical Questions and Concerns

If you require technical assistance, please email support@examsoft.com or call (866) 429-8889.

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