Spring 2020

Exam Reschedule Request Deadline

Deadline has not been set.

Exam Schedule

A504A,B,C,D,E Torts (Covington, William)
A509A Administrative Law (Knudsen, Sanne)
A515A,B,C,D,E Business Organizations (Latimer, Matthew)
A521A,B,C Community Property (Boxx, Karen)
A523A,B,C,D Real Estate Transactions (Percival, Don)
A530A Individual Income Tax (McCormack, Shannon)
A534A,B,C Mergers And Acquisitions (LeMaster, Matt; Schultheis, Andrew) Take-home (8 hr)
A540A,B Land Use Planning Seminar (Hicks, Gregory)
A548A,B,C Civil Rights (Schnapper, Eric)
A561A,A,B,C Law And Economics (Calandrillo, Steve)
A563A,B,C Local Government Law (Spitzer, Hugh)
A580A,B,C Family Law (Price, Terry)
A595A,B,C Jurisprudence (Walsh, Walter)
B500A Civil Procedure II (Porter, Elizabeth)
B500B,C,D,E Civil Procedure II (Myhre, Theodore) Take-home
B503A,B,C,D Evidence (Clynch, John)
B506A Conflicts Of Laws (Nicolas, Peter)
B510A,B,C Problems In Professional Responsibility (Ambrose, Kimberly)
E502A,B,C,D White Collar Crime ()
E521A,B Litigation Perspectives: Bench to Trench (Chapin, Samuel; Coughenour, John)
E522A Advanced Constitutional Law: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (Nicolas, Peter)
E525A,B,C Poverty Law (Nguyen, Huy) Take-home (8 hr)
H502A,B Medical Malpractice (Fronapfel, Rhianna)
H521A,B Medicare and Medicaid Finance and Reimbursement (Stephens, William)
H534A,B,C Mental Health And The Law (Carney, Christopher)
P535A,B,C Entertainment Law (McGowan, Donald) Take-home
P547A,B,C Legal Protection of Computer Software (Gomulkiewicz, Robert) Take-home
T513A,B,C Estate Planning (Adams, Jared)
T521A,B,C Compensation And Benefits I (Thorson, Lee)
T524A,B Transfer Pricing Seminar (Guenther, David; Unger, David)

Exam Reschedule Day(s) (if needed)

Reschedule exam days have not been set.

Paper Classes

A516 Accounting For Lawyers (Chernak, Todd)  
B578 Legal Problems Of Economic Development Seminar (Giovarelli, Renee; Lenga-Long, Jennifer)  
B584 Indigenous Governance Law (Eberhard, Eric)  
E557 Human Rights Advocacy Seminar (Gonza, Alejandra)  
H526 Health Care Employment Law (Lehmann, Paula)  
H580 Competition in Health Care (Ross, Douglas)  
P505 International Intellectual Property Law (Culbert, Thomas; Eaton, Magali)  
P547 Legal Protection of Computer Software (Gomulkiewicz, Robert)  
T502 Federal Tax Controversies and Procedures (Bernard, Michael; Christensen, Bryon)  
T529 International Tax Practice Seminar (Knight, Jason)  

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