Spring 2022

Exam Reschedule Request Deadline

Monday, 5/16/2022
10:30 AM

Exam Schedule

Monday, 5/23/2022
8:30 AM A548A,B,C,D Civil Rights (Schnapper, Eric)
E515A,B Post-Conviction Review (Wagner, Ann)
E525A,B,C,D Poverty Law (Nguyen, Huy) Take-home (8 hr)
1:00 PM A523A,B,C Real Estate Transactions ()
A580A,B,C Family Law ()
A595A,B,C,D,E Jurisprudence and Moral Philosophy (Walsh, Walter)
H580A,B,C Competition in Health Care (Ross, Douglas)
Tuesday, 5/24/2022
8:30 AM A590A,B,C,D,E Constitutional Law: Equal Protection, Fundamental Rights, Due Process (Price, Terry)
P535A,B,C Entertainment Law (McGowan, Donald) Take-home (24 hr)
1:00 PM B500A,F Civil Procedure II (Porter, Elizabeth)
H502A,B,C Medical Malpractice (Fronapfel, Rhianna; Seeberger, Erin)
6:00 PM T513A,B,C Estate Planning (Adams, Jared)
Wednesday, 5/25/2022
8:30 AM B510A,B,C,D Problems In Professional Responsibility (Cházaro, Angélica)
E512A,B,C Rule of Law (Bosch, Anna)
H534A,B,C,D Mental Health And The Law (Carney, Christopher) Take-home (8 hr)
1:00 PM A509A,B,C Administrative Law (Ross, Douglas)
A521A Community Property (Boxx, Karen)
B574A,B,C Consumer Law (Selis, Paula)
Thursday, 5/26/2022
8:30 AM A504A,B,C,D Torts (Zang, Dongsheng)
P547A,B,C,D Legal Protection of Computer Software (Gomulkiewicz, Robert) Take-home (8 hr)
1:00 PM A516A,B,C,D,E Accounting For Lawyers (Ugai, Brian)
6:00 PM T518A,B Taxation Of S Corporations (Medleau, Keith)
Friday, 5/27/2022
8:30 AM A515A,B,C,D,E,F Business Organizations (Latimer, Matthew)
A534A,B,C Mergers And Acquisitions (LeMaster, Matt; Schultheis, Andrew) Take-home (8 hr)
E521A Litigation Perspectives: Bench to Trench (Chapin, Samuel; Coughenour, John)

Exam Reschedule Day(s) (if needed)

Saturday, 5/28/2022 Comments
8:30 AM

Paper Classes

A585 Admiralty (Allen, Craig)  
A595 Jurisprudence and Moral Philosophy (Walsh, Walter)  
B564 Women, Poverty, and Natural Resource Management Seminar (Espinosa, Deborah)  
B599 Special Topics (Eberhard, Eric)  
E557 Human Rights Advocacy Seminar (Gonza, Alejandra)  
E561 Critical Race Theory (Cházaro, Angélica)  
P547 Legal Protection of Computer Software (Gomulkiewicz, Robert)  
P551 Patent Prosecution and Counseling Practicum (Njeim, Patrick; Serafini, Andrew)  
T502 Federal Tax Controversies and Procedures (Bernard, Michael; Christensen, Bryon)  
T529 International Tax Practice Seminar (Knight, Jason)  

Mastery Classes

A512 Secured Transactions (Winn, Jane)  
A530 Individual Income Tax (Hatfield, Michael)  

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