Winter 2018

Exam Reschedule Request Deadline

Monday, 3/5/2018
10:30 AM

Exam Schedule

Saturday, 3/10/2018
1:00 PM T511A,B Taxation of Partners and Partnerships (Behnke, Lance)
Monday, 3/12/2018
8:30 AM A509A,B,C,D,E Administrative Law (Knudsen, Sanne)
A545A,B,C,D International Environmental Law (Schoenbaum, Thomas)
A591A,B Constitutional Law: Freedom Of Expression (Gomulkiewicz, Robert)
B510A,B,C,D,E,F Problems In Professional Responsibility (Cházaro, Angélica)
1:00 PM A501A Contracts (Calandrillo, Steve)
A501B Contracts (O'Connor, Sean)
A501C Contracts (Winn, Jane)
E555A Legislation (Manheim, Lisa)
6:00 PM T510A,B,C Estate And Gift Taxation (Ryan, Renee)
Tuesday, 3/13/2018
8:30 AM A556A,B,C Employment Discrimination (Schnapper, Eric)
B540A,A,B Japanese Law (Chafee, John)
P522A,B,C Advanced Copyright Law (Glatstein, Benjamin)
P567A,B,C,D,E Intellectual Property Survey (Culbert, Thomas)
1:00 PM A502A,B,C,D,E Civil Procedure I (Kruckeberg, Kurt)
B500A,B,C,D Civil Procedure II (Feldman, Jeff)
B561A,B International Law Of The Sea (Allen, Craig)
E510A,B Banking Law (Schoenbaum, Thomas)
6:00 PM T530A,B,C Tax Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions (Weinstein, Jason; Wiebe, Cameron)
T532A,B,C Income Taxation of Trusts & Estates (Adams, Jared)
Wednesday, 3/14/2018
8:30 AM A517A,B,C Securities Regulation (Beatty, Mark)
A592A,B,C,D Constitutional Law II (Nicolas, Peter)
P552A,B,C Strategic Intellectual Property Commercialization (Bailly, Maggy)
1:00 PM A562A,B,C Employment Law (Vaughn, Lea)
E514A,B,C,D,E The Law Of Nonprofit Organizations (Lairson, Andrea)
H582A,B Health Care Fraud & Abuse (Crandell, Robert)
6:00 PM T550A,B Global Perspectives on International Taxation (Bernard, Michael; Christensen, Bryon; Schumacher, Scott; Ugai, Brian)
Thursday, 3/15/2018
8:30 AM A501D,E,F,G,H Contracts (Thomson, Aaron)
A515A,B Business Organizations (Durkee, Melissa)
B515A,B,C Criminal Procedure: Investigation (Gardner, Trevor)
E520A,B European Union Constitution (Walsh, Walter) Take-home (8 hr)
1:00 PM B503A,B,C Evidence (Howard, Maureen)
E578A,B,C Foundations in American Law Tested on the Bar Exam (Shaw, Melissa)
T516A,B International Taxation II (McCormack, Shannon)
6:00 PM T521A,B,C Compensation And Benefits I (Thorson, Lee)
Friday, 3/16/2018
8:30 AM A503A Property I (Anderson, Robert)
A503B Property I (Andrews, Thomas)
A503C Property I (Boxx, Karen)
A530A Individual Income Tax (Hatfield, Michael) Take-home (8 hr)
1:00 PM A581A,B,C Washington Constitutional Law (Spitzer, Hugh)
A582A,B,C,D Bankruptcy (Ranade, Amit)
P525A,B,C,D Intellectual Property Law Seminar (Cumbow, Robert)
6:00 PM T518A,B Taxation Of S Corporations (Medleau, Keith)

Exam Reschedule Day(s) (if needed)

Saturday, 3/17/2018
8:30 AM

Paper Classes

A553 Feminist Jurisprudence Seminar (Novotny, Patricia)  
A597 Intensive Legal Writing Workshop (McGinnis, Kathleen)  
B541 Chinese Law (Zang, Dongsheng)  
B556 Islamic Law (Lombardi, Clark)  
B561 International Law Of The Sea (Allen, Craig)  
B564 Women, Poverty, and Natural Resource Management Seminar (Giovarelli, Renee; Ledger, Deena)  
E536 Small or Solo Law Practice (Benjamin, Andrew; Grayson, Carole)  
E546 International Commercial Arbitration (Myhre, Theodore)  
E572 Race And The Law (Lindo, Edwin)  
E583 Globalization and the Law (Raigrodski, Dana)  
H503 Medical Ethics And Jurisprudence (Dudzinski, Denise; Kuszler, Patricia)  
H509 End Of Life: Rights And Choices (Milam, Steve)  
H520 Genetics And The Law (Mastroianni, Anna)  
P545 Advanced Patent Law Seminar (Krauss, Jan; Takenaka, Toshiko)  
T507 Federal Tax Policy Seminar (McCormack, Shannon)  
T540 Tax Research & Writing (Quintal, Amber; Way, M. John)  

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