How to register for a Clinic

We strongly encourage interested students to request enrollment in a clinic in the spring quarter when planning packets for the next academic year become available.  Students may also request enrollment after this time.  If the clinic is full students will be placed on a waiting list.

Enrollment in clinics is either by lottery, by application, or both.   Please check the Schedule and Eligibility page to learn more about requirements and scheduling information for a specific clinic.  Individual clinic directors may vary the general procedures described below.

Registration During the Planning Packet Process

Students may request enrollment in one or more clinics. For clinics that are offered more than once a year, please specify the preferred session. Academic Services will hold a lottery for each clinic offering. Lottery "winners" for autumn quarter will be asked to confirm their interest in registering for a clinic. If a clinic is over-enrolled, a waiting list will be compiled with students’ places determined by results of the initial lottery.

Registration After the Planning Packet Process

Students who become interested in a clinic after the planning packet process should request that their name be put on a waiting list by Academic Services. Students’ names will be added to the list on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration at the Beginning of a Quarter

If you wish to take a clinic but did not sign up in the planning packet process, or did not win the lottery, don’t give up! Openings often arise in the first week of classes. We recommend that you put your name on a waiting list at Academic Services, contact the appropriate instructor, and attend clinic class on the first day.

Students registered in a clinic will lose their places if they do not attend the first class or personally advise the instructor in advance that they will be absent.

During the first class, instructors may fill open spaces first with students on the waiting list who are present in class or have contacted the instructor in advance to indicate continued interest in the clinic. Remaining spaces will then be filled by lottery with students who are present or who have contacted the instructor to indicate a desire to enroll in a clinic.

If you have questions, please contact us at or 206-543-3434.

Lottery Enrollment Priorities

Because enrollment in each clinic is limited, priority generally will be given to students enrolling in their first clinic and to third-year students in this order:

  1. Third-year students with no prior clinic experience
  2. Second-year students with no prior clinic experience
  3. Third-year students with a prior clinic experience
  4. Second-year students with a prior clinic experience

These priorities may be altered by a faculty member in a given clinic. A faculty member may select all or some of her/his students by application.

Commitment for multi-quarter clinics

Students enrolled in multi-quarter clinics are required to complete all quarters of a clinic course to receive credit for any quarter.

Early graduation and clinics

Third year students who will graduate before spring quarter can enroll in a clinic under the following conditions: on an overload basis, a faculty member may allow a third-year student graduating early to enroll, in and receive credit for, fewer than all quarters of a multi-quarter clinic. This policy requires students to discuss their early graduation plans with the clinic faculty member before enrolling in the clinic.

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