Class Recordings

Course recordings are offered either as a standard podcast of each class meeting for a course or on an ad-hoc basis requested by instructors or students. The form and availability of recordings is at the discretion of the course instructor. Recording requests cannot be guaranteed to be fulfilled. Requests that are received 24 hours or more prior to the start of class will have a greater chance of being accommodated.

Recording Policy

The UW School of Law recording policy is to disseminate and preserve lectures, presentations and events sponsored by the law school and affiliated organizations. All recordings are cataloged, archived and transferred to an electronic media file. Those recordings that are for law school only viewing will be stored on a secured server. All general public events with signed release forms may be broadcast via the internet for public viewing on a video archive "webcast" portion of the UW School of Law’s web site.

Course Podcasts

Course recordings being offered as podcasts can be accessed through the iTunes software available from Apple. Podcasts are available from the course website. When you subscribe to the podcast you will be prompted for your UWNetID and password to ensure that only students registered to the course may view the podcast. Detailed instructions on subscribing to a podcast are available in Adobe PDF form at

Ad-hoc Recording Requests Q & A

I am going to miss class that isn't being podcasted and am hoping to have it recorded. Who do I ask?

You can request a recording via the online form. You will also need to contact your professor to request approval for the recording and ask that they use a microphone; unless the professor has already made specific provision for such events.

I've requested that my class be recorded; can I be assured that it will be recorded?

When using the online form, you will first recieve a reciept confirmation. Multimedia Services staff will send a secondary confirmation once your request has been processed. This secondary confirmation will let you know if the course is scheduled for recording, or if further action is required on your part.

All requests are subject to approval by the instructing professor, and limitations of staff and equipment resources. There is the possibility of equipment problems or too many requests to handle in a particular class period. Also, an instructor may decline to have a particular class recorded due to the material to be covered in the class that day.

Do I need to provide a videotape or cassette tape?

No. All courses are recorded digitally using computers. If you have a specific need for a recording on VHS or cassette tape, please contact at least two weeks in advance to discuss your requirements.

The class/event I missed has been recorded. Where can I access the recording?

Course recordings are automatically converted and placed on the course website, under "Podcasts and Recordings." The conversion process usually takes about the same time as the class length--e.g. a 2-hour class takes two hours to appear on the course website. A list of course websites is available at

Access to non-course 'event' recordings is determined according to the nature of the event. It's usually best to contact the event sponsor directly in order to find out how recordings will be distributed.

Will all instructors allow their classes to be recorded upon request?

No, some instructors may not allow their classes to be recorded on certain days or at all.

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