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Taking Notes and Creating Exam Study Materials

A panel of 2Ls and 3Ls shared their ideas for briefing cases, making outlines, and other study methods.

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Brief and Briefer: The Sequel — Effective & Efficient Case Briefing Strategies

Build on the techniques you learned in FLS to critically analyze and brief cases. Professors Halasz and Sancken will review the structural components of a case brief and provide tips on how to digest the more complex aspects of a case. Feel short on time for briefing? This presentation also will feature time-management strategies.

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Strategies for Successful Outlining — Best Practices and Examples to Get You Started

Hear from fellow students about their approaches to outlining and see examples of different outlining styles. Anna Endter from the library will introduce you to library resources to help with outlining and give you tips about best practices. Dean Hotchkiss will be on hand to answer questions related to use of outlines during exams.

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Strategies for Successful Exam Preparation

Please join us for a session on successful exam preparation tips including how to effectively read exam questions, using IRAC to format your answer, and managing your time during the exam. Pontus Niklasson will also present details about exam policies and procedures.

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