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The Academic Support Program (ASP) at the University of Washington School of Law offers advising and study skills programs to help students adapt to the unique demands of legal education. Adjusting to law school can pose challenges for a wide range of students: students coming from undergraduate programs that did not require a high volume of reading, research, or writing; students transitioning out of the workforce who have not been in school for many years; students with disabilities; students who speak English as foreign language; and students whose outside demands (family, work, or other activities) make it hard to maintain a healthy school-life balance. The ASP is here to help.

The ASP helps students adapt to the academic demands of law school in three ways: offering study skills workshops, providing the opportunity for advising appointments with the ASP Director, and creating a downloadable guide to useful resources about all aspects of legal study.

Study Skills Workshops

The faculty and staff who make up the ASP and along with 2L/3L students lead workshops that focus on the skills students need to succeed in law school. We schedule these presentations to coincide with the times when most students are likely to have questions about each topic (e.g., a presentation about case briefing and note-taking typically occurs in the first few weeks of the quarter, a presentation on outlining and creating exam study materials is held mid-quarter, and a presentation about taking exams occurs later in the quarter).

Advising Appointments

Members of the Student & Career Services office are available for advising during normal business hours or by appointment to work with students to help them develop study habits, adapt their learning styles, and manage the academic side of law school that is not covered in the classroom. Contact us at to schedule an appointment.

Study Skills Guide

The ASP offers a comprehensive guide that offers study skills advice and links to academic support resources. You can download a copy here: [UW NetID and password required to access these documents]

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