Members of the Student & Career Services office are available for advising during normal business hours or by appointment to work with students to help them develop study habits, adapt their learning styles and manage the academic side of law school that is not covered in the classroom. Students can request to meet one-on-one or with a group of friends.

We can help you with concerns about:

  • taking and organizing your reading and class notes
  • using a study group effectively
  • analyzing a case and identifying the rule
  • outlining and creating other course review materials
  • reviewing a practice exam
  • legal research, analysis, and writing.

Your substantive questions about the law of torts, contracts, civil procedure, and other courses are best addressed to your professors in those classes, though we can refer you to useful supplemental study guides for each subject.

Contact us at to schedule an appointment. We will keep confidential any information you share during meetings, though we may discuss your situation with the Dean for Students if you require a referral for substance abuse or mental health counseling (which is available free of charge or at low cost for law students).

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