Withdrawal and Readmission

General Terms

A student who contemplates withdrawing is advised first to consult with the Dean or either the Associate Dean for Students and Academic Life, or the Associate Dean for Academic Administration. The rules regarding readmission after withdrawal are:

First-year students: A student who withdraws during his or her first academic year is not eligible as a matter of right to return to school. These students must compete for a place in the class with other applicants for the year they wish to return.

Second- and third-year students: A second- or third-year student not subject to dismissal who withdraws from school is eligible as a matter of right to return if readmission is sought within 24 months of withdrawal and current deadlines are met. Readmission after two years is at the discretion of the Dean of the Law School.

All students: Any student in good standing required to withdraw because of a military obligation is entitled to return upon the completion of the first tour of military service.

Military Duty Policy

If a law student is called to active military duty in the middle of a law school term and is unable to complete that term, individual faculty members will, at their discretion, make reasonable efforts to allow such students to meet course objectives for appropriate credit.

Source: November 1, 2001 Faculty Resolution

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