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J.D. students may choose to study abroad during their time at the law school. As a general matter, J.D. study abroad must comply with American Bar Association requirements concerning study abroad as well as with UW School of Law and UW requirements concerning foreign study. In addition, each program may have its own requirements and deadlines. Please remember that each student bears the responsibility to make sure that all policies and procedures are followed. If you are interested in opportunities to study abroad, you can follow these general steps.

  1. Visit the UW Study Abroad website and select “Get Started.” If you would like to meet with a UW Study Abroad advisor to discuss your options, create an advising profile in our online application system. To find programs, select “Find a Program,” and “Start Searching!” You can filter by “Affiliated Program – Law” to see programs for law students. UW Study Abroad or the UW Law Director of Academic Services can confirm which programs are open for study abroad / student exchanges. You can find information about costs and financial aid, the application process, and UW and specific program deadlines here as well.
  2. Consult with the UW Law Director of Academic Services. Director of Academic Services Pontus Niklasson,, can advise you on American Bar Association and UW Law requirements concerning study abroad, and help you develop an academic plan that meets your goals. The Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Elizabeth Pendo,, is also available to assist.
  3. Once you have your plan of study and other application requirements ready, you can request approval or nomination from the Director of Academic Services or the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Administration.

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