Course Scheduling & Sectioning

Compressed Spring Quarter

We provide Spring Quarter upper-level courses in two different formats: those that run for the entire Spring Quarter and those that run for only the first six and half weeks of Spring Quarter.

Source: Administrative Policy.

First-Year Small Sections

If resources permit, the faculty is committed to providing at least one small section for each first-year student. Small sections provide opportunities for more individual expression by the student, a closer teacher-student relationship, and greater opportunities for writing and testing. Every first-year student shall have at least one small section carrying at least five credits, in addition to Legal Analysis, Writing and Research. These small sections shall be no more than one-sixth of the first-year class.

Source: 12-11-2008 Regular Faculty Meeting.

Lunch Hour [12:30-1:30]

No classes will be scheduled on any day of the week between 12:30 and 1:30 so as to provide a time for student organizations, faculty committees, career services, and other groups to have meetings and events. However, make up classes and review sessions may be scheduled during this period.

Source: Administrative Policy.

Minimum Number of Student-Contact Hours

Each class must meet for a minimum of 500 minutes per credit earned.

Source: ABA Standards.

Multi-Section Courses

If a course is taught in multiple sections, the enrollment in each section will be capacity-controlled so as to roughly equalize the number of students in each section.

Source: Administrative Policy.

Repeating of Courses

Students who receive a grade carrying no credit in a required course must repeat the course for credit; students receiving such grade in any other course may, with the permission of the instructor, repeat the course for credit.

A student may also be required to repeat a course or courses as a condition of readmission. Credit toward the number of hours required for a degree is allowed only for the second taking of the course and only if the student earns a grade of Low Pass or D, or better, or such higher grade as may be required by the conditions of the student’s readmission.

If a student properly repeats a course under the rules stated above and earns a grade of Low Pass or D, or better, the previous grade will remain on the student’s record.

Start and End Date of Quarter

Autumn quarter classes at the law school always begin two days earlier than the start of classes generally at the University of Washington. In all quarters, the last day of classes at the law school occurs on the Wednesday before the last day of classes generally at the University of Washington.

Source: Administrative Policy.

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