Student Representation on Faculty Committees

Student participation in governance is highly valued at UW Law. Student participation is primarily through the Student Bar Association. Student participation is also valued on the standing and ad hoc committees that are established by the Dean. At present, the following committees have student members:

  1. Curricular Innovation Committee – reviews course proposals and recommends to the full faculty possible changes to the curriculum. The SBA appoints one student member.
  2. Teaching and Learning Committee – plans professional development programs for the faculty to enhance teaching methods and effectiveness. The SBA appoints one student member.
  3. Faculty Appointments Committee – screens candidates for identified searches and recommends appointment to the full faculty; the student rep organizes student interview session for all on-campus interviews and summarizes student feedback to help inform deliberation. The SBA appoints one student member.
  4. Colloquia and Scholarly Development Committee – plans professional development opportunities for the faculty to enhance scholarly productivity and impact. The SBA appoints one student member.
  5. Admissions – reviews applicant files and makes admissions recommendations. The SBA appoints four 3L student members.
  6. Dean’s Advisory Committee on Diversity and Inclusion – advises the Dean on how to create a more diverse and inclusive UW Law. Multiple student members selected by the Advisory Committee. The SBA appoints one student member.

The SBA appointments are made by a majority vote of the SBA Executive Board.

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