Dispute Resolution Concentration Track

Faculty Advisors

Program Requirements


Follow all of the steps outlined on the Concentration Tracks page.



Not all courses will be available each year.

At least three of the following Foundational Courses:

  1. B503 Evidence (4, 5 or 6 credits)
  2. B520 Trial Advocacy (3-6 credits)
  3. B523 Negotiations (3-4 Variable credits)
  4. B525 Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 credits)
  5. B533 Interviewing and Counseling for Lawyers (2 credits)

At least three of the following Advanced Courses:

  1. B500 Civil Procedure II (3 credits)
  2. B518 Appellate Advocacy (2 credits) or E521 Advanced Trial Advocacy (3 credits)
  3. B519 Pre-Trial Practice (3 credits)
  4. B521 Trial Advocacy II (6 credits)
  5. B506 Conflicts of Laws (3 credits)
  6. B507 Federal Courts and the Federal System (4 credits)
  7. B524 ADR Seminar
  8. E538 Transnational Civil Litigation In U.S. Courts
  9. B599E Jury Trial Seminar
  10. E516 Advanced Criminal Procedure (4 credits)
  11. E546 International Commercial Arbitration

At least one of the following Applied Courses:

  1. B526 Mediation Clinic (7 credits)
  2. B528 Unemployment Compensation Law Clinic (8 credits)
  3. B531 Immigration Law Clinic (8 credits)
  4. E524 Child Advocacy Clinic (12 credits)
  5. E529 Tribal Court Public Defense Clinic (12 credits)
  6. E566 Innocence Project Northwest Clinic (10 credits)
  7. T526 Federal Tax Clinic (6-9 Variable credits)
  8. B538-539 Externship (only if clinics are full and for a minimum of 8 credits)
  9. E592 Federal Appellate Advocacy

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