Concentration Tracks

J.D. students may elect to specialize in several subject areas after their first year. Advice about compliance with the elements of the track, including the possible waiver of specific requirements in exceptional circumstances, is available from designated faculty advisors.


1. Attend a student advising session

Attend a student advising session in Spring Quarter of 1L year.

2. Consult and make a plan

Consult and make a plan with a faculty advisor prior to 2L Course Selection.

3. Declare a Concentration Track

Fill out the "Declaration" section of the Concentration Track form, obtain the appropriate faculty signature, and submit it to Academic Services before the end of their second year.

4. Complete requirements

Complete the requirements for the Concentration Track declared, as outlined on the Concentration Track page, with any exceptions noted and approved on the Concentration Track form.

5. Record completion

In order to record completion and have a notation made on the transcript, you will need to obtain the signatures of your concentration track advisor in the "Completion" section of the Concentration Track form and submit to Academic Services, before graduation.

More Information

Information on Concentration Track requirements and advisors is available on each Concentration Track page.

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