Voicing Concerns

In the course of their education or employment, individuals may have complaints or concerns about University of Washington School of Law personnel, policies, or procedures. Resources that provide opportunities to express concerns and for the Law School to respond and improve.

University Resources for Student Complaints and Concerns

Office of the Ombudsman

A neutral third party, the University Ombudsman does not advocate for the University or for either party to a dispute. The objective is to provide a process for achieving a fair and reasonable settlement. Working within existing policies and procedures, the Ombudsman seeks to address disagreements in an informal manner. If formal mechanisms are desired, the staff of the Ombudsman's Office can direct individuals to the appropriate University offices.

Office of the Vice-Provost for Student Life

Student Life provides non-academic services, support resources and opportunities for UW students. As a central network for services and support, our main goal is to facilitate and promote Access, Diversity Engagement and Care directly to students, their families and the community in different ways and through tailored programs offered by each of our units

Student Counseling Center

The Counseling Center exists to support UW students in all aspects of their development. We provide personal counseling, career counseling, study skills assistance, and other services to currently-enrolled UW students. The Counseling Center also provides consultation to faculty, staff, and parents who have concerns about a student.

UW Disability Resources for Students

DRS provides services to enrolled students who have a documented permanent or temporary physical, psychological or sensory disability that qualifies them for academic accommodations under the law. DRS is a resource for information on disabilities, disability laws, and resources available for people with disabilities on and off the campus. DRS makes referrals as appropriate.

UW Student Legal Services

SLS is an on-campus law office that provides confidential legal advice and representation to UW-Seattle students. SLS focuses on helping students resolve their legal problems with as little disruption as possible to their educational endeavors. It is against SLS policy to accept cases involving the University of Washington for ongoing representation, but we will attempt to seek to refer students to other low-cost or helpful resources.

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