Lawyers Facilitate Transactions

Lawyers Working on Transactions...

  • Analyze legal parameters and private or public "business" interests
  • Listen to clients to determine their goals and priorities for structuring transactions
  • Facilitate negotiation of arrangements
  • Document each deal to clarify parties’ responsibilities and minimize risks

Typical Tasks

  • Structure new business organizations
  • Fund start-up ventures
  • Negotiate and execute public and private projects
  • Manage cooperative projects
  • Perform domestic and international commercial transactions
  • Operate in specific business contexts, such as real estate, health care, agriculture or public and private securities

Public Policy

Transactional lawyers shape public policy as they structure and execute specific transactions:

  • Negotiate with government officials
  • Work in coalitions to shape statutes and rules
  • Draft specific amendments to laws and regulations
  • Suggest adjustments in implementation

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