Serve Specific Clients or Causes

Many students come to law school wanting to serve a specific client group, or develop that goal as they move through their education. Different types of clients are associated with specific subject matter specialties and practice settings, and distinct rewards and demands for lawyers working with them.


Lawyers focused on serving governments:

  • Specialize in areas such as education, land use, environmental, Indian, child welfare, criminal prosecution, or tax law
  • Practice with federal, state, local or tribal governments; or school districts, or with firms with a government practice. Some lawyers move between private or non-profit work and government policy or management, sometimes as political appointees.
  • Face time demands that vary according to practice area, government involved, and level of the position, but can be as heavy as representing private-sector clients
  • Enjoy rewards that include serving government clients and the public while working with dedicated, highly professional clients and elected officials trying to respond to public needs.
  • Possess credentials that vary with the practice area, government involved and level of position, but may include solid grades and writing skills
  • Need substantive knowledge and technical and interpersonal skills. Political appointments often require connections to appointing elective officials

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