Commercial and Consumer Litigation Pathway

What Commercial and Consumer Lawyers Do

Commercial and consumer litigation lawyers:

  • Help clients in disputes arising from sales of goods, real property and services, or in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Represent businesses, governments, or individual consumers
  • Navigate complex statutes such as the Uniform Commercial Code or Bankruptcy Code, and understand customary commercial practices
  • Practice in firms of all sizes: in-house for a specific company or organization, or non-profits or government agencies that protect consumers

If you are interested in being a commercial transactions attorney, see Business Pathway.

Who Might Enjoy This Specialty?

You might enjoy practicing commercial or consumer litigation if you:

  • Enjoy strategizing and problem solving
  • Negotiate effectively – most civil cases settle
  • Handle pressure well and don’t take aggressive argument personally
  • Like business issues
  • Enjoy helping business owners or consumers

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