Intellectual Property Law Pathway

Explore how intellectual property law is applied within these practice contexts.


IP Lawyers advise clients and, especially in large firms, other lawyers on:

  • Selling IP assets or other transactions
  • Merging: Everyday business matters involving IP assets, or mergers or acquisitions with other companies with significant IP assets
  • Claiming rights to use IP and disputes over claims


  • Identify client goals for lowering IP risks and increasing IP markets
  • Develop alternative strategies for attaining client goals
  • Analyze merits of alternative strategies
  • Structure legal documents to implement client preferred strategy


  • Resolve validity of claims to patented and copyrighted works and claims of competitive misuse of trademarks and trade secrets
  • Resolve disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or courts

Public Policy

  • Draft IP legislation and IP regulations as a government actors
  • Participate in research, lobbying, and public media campaigns as private actors

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