Intellectual Property Law Pathway

What Intellectual Property Lawyers Do

Intellectual Property (IP) lawyers:

  • Help clients establish, protect and license intellectual property rights
  • Represent creators of patentable technology; authors of automatically copyrighted creative works, such as books, music, movies, or software, and organizations with trademarks or trade secrets
  • Negotiate, draft and review documents to create patents or use/ license all forms of IP
  • Interpret complex statutes and regulations and clients’ scientific, cultural and business environment
  • Practice in private firms of all sizes, including solo practice, in-house counsel departments, and government offices, such as US Patent and Trademark Office

Who Might Enjoy This Specialty?

You might enjoy practicing IP law if you:

  • Enjoy interacting and structuring discussions with people throughout an organization
  • Have a particular background in writing, music, or the arts (copyright); science, computer programming, aerospace engineering or medical researcher (patent); or design, marketing/branding, or business (trademark)
  • Want to help protect an individual’s creative development or work product
  • Are technologically savvy and interested in staying on the cutting edge of technology development
  • Seek a field with options for either a niche practice or a general business practice
  • Thrive in a newer, evolving field with career path flexibility and potential for creativity and entrepreneurial opportunities

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