Indian Law Pathway

What Indian Law Practitioners Do

Indian law practitioners:

  • Help clients with legislative, executive and judicial proceedings involving tribal governments
  • Represent tribal, state, or federal governments, or individuals in legal disputes with tribes
  • Navigate federal case law, statutes, regulations, treaties, and tribal codes that meld Anglo American legal concepts with traditional tribal practices
  • Practice in tribal legal departments and courts, federal and state government agencies with responsibilities in Indian County or issues often involving tribes – e.g. environmental, fish and wildlife, gaming , private law firms representing tribal governments, and non-profits providing legal services in Indian Country

Who Might Enjoy This Specialty?

You might enjoy practicing Indian law if you:

  • Exhibit a high level of cultural competence when interacting with people
  • Understand or are interested in the history of Native American tribes
  • Recognize jurisdictional issues and enjoy sorting them out
  • Aspire to help protect the sovereign rights of tribes
  • Want to help the non-Indian governments, business entities, and individuals interact with Indian tribes and individuals

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