Health Law Pathway

What Health Law Lawyers Do

Health law lawyers:

  • Help clients with laws affecting medical practice and scientific research, including, regulatory compliance, complex corporate and transactional work, medical malpractice, and health care policy
  • Represent medical and biotechnology clients, government agencies regulating healthcare, and individuals dealing with medical providers
  • Interpret complex statutes, administrative regulations and case law, as well as medical science issues
  • Practice in 
      • small firms for plaintiff medical malpractice
      • medium to large firms defending malpractice suits and other healthcare litigation, and advising providers on regulatory compliance and transactions
      • government agencies and non-profits, advising or lobbying on health policy or handling disputes over eligibility for government benefits


Who Might Enjoy This Specialty?

You might enjoy practicing Health Law if you:

  • Enjoy working with people, including multidisciplinary professional clients (physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, global relief agencies)
  • Simplify and communicate complex concepts adeptly
  • Have a science background
  • Enjoy a dynamic and challenging field, given the changes that the Affordable Care Act is having on health care

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