Government Practice Pathway

Explore how government practice law is applied within these practice contexts.


  • Draft implementing legislation and regulations
  • Staff legislative committees and appointive commissions
  • Help government agencies create and enforce regulations
  • Draft opinions on the specific application of laws and regulations (e.g., tax private letter rulings or securities no-action letters)


  • Create new governmental entities to carry out public programs
  • Structure, negotiate and document contracts between public and private entities
  • Negotiate and draft agreements between governments
  • Negotiate with federal agencies on behalf of states and local governments regarding regulatory and service programs
  • Negotiate and implement international agreements


  • Advocate for government clients in administrative hearings
  • Initiate civil enforcement prosecutions for law violations
  • Defend governments in torts, property disputes, contract and public records cases
  • Enforce international agreements
  • Serve as hearing examiners and administrative law judges

Public Policy

  • Help structure and reshape government programs
  • Enforce legislation and regulations in civil actions
  • Develop strategies to shape judicial interpretation of statutes, regulations, and common law
  • Assist in building workable international arrangements

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