Government Practice Pathway

What Government Practice Lawyers Do

Government practice lawyers:

  • Help government clients comply with applicable laws, pursue transactions, and write legislation and regulations
  • Represent federal, state and local governmental entities
  • Navigate constitutions, complex statutes, regulations and case law while operating in a political context
  • Practice in government agencies, and small and large firms that provide services to government agencies

Related Pathways: Environmental, Employment & Labor, Health and Tax. For careers as prosecuting attorneys, see Criminal Law .

Who Might Enjoy This Specialty?

You might enjoy government practice if you:

  • Seek significant contact with clients dedicated to public service
  • Listen well as a predicate for giving advice
  • Negotiate effectively as government practice issues can involve multiple stakeholders
  • Enjoy navigating complex federal, state and local governmental structures and programs (and potentially international law)
  • Tolerate lengthy deliberative processes as governmental clients are often very bureaucratic
  • Seek a comfortable living, not exceptional wealth

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