Family Law Pathway

What Family Lawyers Do

Family lawyers:

  • Help clients create new family relationships, alter existing ones, define financial relationships and ensure safety
  • Represent individuals and occasionally the state when it intervenes in family relationships
  • Navigate statutes and case law, as well as complex family dynamics
  • Practice in small or solo firms, most commonly; large firms serving high income individuals, civil legal aid organizations serving low-income clients, government agencies administering child support or dependency law; or on-line fixed fee legal services providers, such as and Maryland Family Lawyer.Com

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Who Might Enjoy This Specialty?

You might enjoy practicing family law if you:

  • Enjoy connecting with people, especially if you are good with difficult people or situations
  • Listen and counsel clients skillfully
  • Negotiate creatively and effectively
  • Keep the lines clear between your personal life and professional life – this area of law can be emotionally taxing

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