Estate Planning and Elder Law Pathway

What Estate Planning & Elder Law Lawyers Do

Estate planning & elder law lawyers:

  • Help clients plan for major life events, educate them about alternatives, and draft documents implement clients’ choices
  • Represent individual clients
  • Navigate complex statutes and administrative regulations, case law, and complicated family dynamics
  • Practice in solo or small firm practices, or occasionally in large firms

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Who Might Enjoy This Specialty?

You might enjoy practicing estate planning or elder law if you are:

  • Interested in people and their life stories and at ease with the ill and dying
  • Non-judgmental and open minded as clients tell you about challenges such as alcoholism or drug addiction within their family
  • A clear writer, attending to detail
  • Well-organized and able to move your work along in an office practice without external deadlines or high adrenalin
  • Adept at juggling work for a high caseload of clients
  • A life-long learner eager to work in a multi-faceted constantly changing area of the law
  • Conflict averse or more interested in planning than disputes
  • Seeking a comfortable living, not exceptional wealth

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