Environmental Law Pathway

Explore how environmental law is applied within these practice contexts.



  • Private clients on how to navigate and comply with myriad environmental regulations.
  • Government. agencies on how to create effective environmental regulatory schemes and how to enforce them lawfully
  • Non-profits on strategies for protecting the environment

Effective advisors understand the intricacies of both environmental statutes and their client’s business or mission.


  • Consider and address environmental liability obligations in structuring deals
  • Negotiate with regulatory officials and document settlements to increase certainty for their clients
  • Work collaboratively with business and commercial lawyers to evaluate environmental liabilities in sales, purchases, or corporate restructurings
  • Conduct environmental due diligence investigations evaluating, quantifying, and allocating environmental risks


  • Deal with complex administrative hearings and civil litigation in big cases that typically last many years and involve complex scientific evidence
  • Engage in pre-trial discovery, extensive motion practice, and complex negotiations
  • Prosecute or defend criminal cases involving environmental crimes, occasionally


  • Environmental disaster complex litigation after events like the BP Gulf Oil Spill
  • Energy project advocacy in regulatory and pre-litigation settings to influence projects like Keystone Pipeline or coal export terminals
  • Emission permit negotiations with government agencies (e.g. under the Clean Water Act or Clean Air Act)
  • Toxic torts actions to compensate individual victims of environmental violations

Public Policy

  • Draft legislation and debate proposed statutes
  • Draft or comment on new or proposed regulations
  • Pursue long-term litigation strategies to shape judicial interpretation of statutes and the common law
  • Offer solutions for problems that emerge as science sheds new light on the way humans interact with the natural world

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