Employment and Labor Law Pathway

What Employment & Labor Lawyers Do

Employment lawyers:

  • Help clients enforce or comply with laws protecting employees’ workplace safety, freedom from discrimination, pensions, unemployment and workers’ compensation benefits, and rights to organize for collective bargaining
  • Represent employers or employees, federal, state and local governments, and unions
  • Interpret statutes, regulations, case law, constitutions, and collective bargaining agreements with an understanding of workplace culture
  • Practice in firms of all sizes, including many small and solo firms, in-house counsel departments, trade unions, and non-profits

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Who Might Enjoy This Specialty?

You might enjoy practicing employment & labor law if you enjoy:

  • Frequent meetings with clients
  • Helping clients during life’s low points, such as – discrimination or wrongful discharge claims and strikes against a business
  • Combining significant client advising with litigation
  • Pre-trial litigation, including mediation and arbitration
  • Complex administrative codes
  • “Choosing a side” – generally labor & employment lawyers don’t represent both businesses and unions
  • Strengthening unions, or
  • Advising businesses on best practices regarding the employer/employee relationship

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