Lawyers Resolve Disputes

Lawyers Working on Disputes...

  • Analyze dispute's context and legal parameters
  • Listen to clients or parties to understand their concerns
  • Advocate for clients’ goals in courts or other forums
  • Facilitate a resolution to parties' disputes, keeping the peace

Typical Tasks

  • Interview clients and gather facts
  • File claims for clients or defend against them
  • Shepherd cases through courts, administrative agencies, arbitration, or mediation
  • Ensure existing laws are implemented in practice
  • Settle cases, operate as "neutrals" to decide cases as judges or arbitrators, or resolve disputes through mediation

Public Policy

Lawyers working on disputes affect public policy by:

  • Obtaining favorable interpretations of the law from judges in:
    • individual cases,
    • class action lawsuits, or
    • “impact litigation"
  • Utilizing advocacy skills in new forums and seeking new or changed legislation in order to pursue client goals

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