Criminal Law Pathway

What Criminal Lawyers Do

Criminal lawyers:

  • Help clients in trials and appeals prosecute or defend criminal charges ranging from shoplifting to murder to organized and white collar crime
  • Represent federal, state, tribal or local governments, or individuals or corporations
  • Interpret criminal codes and cases and evaluate complex facts
  • Practice as prosecutors in government agencies; in small private firms representing smaller governments; as defense attorneys in solo practices, small firms or large firms for white collar defense', and public defense offices

Who Might Enjoy This Specialty?

You might enjoy practicing criminal law if you are:

  • Adept at connecting with a wide range of people, often under stress in tough situations
  • Skilled at negotiating and evaluating the strengths and weakness of cases
  • Eager to be in court on a regular basis
  • At ease with a jury
  • Comfortable with high pressure and high stakes situations
  • Rewarded by pursuing justice on behalf of clients or the government in a fast paced environment

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