Pathways to Becoming a Lawyer at UW Law

Course Fundamentals

Careers, passions, and life change. A well-rounded student is better equipped to seize unexpected opportunities when they arise. The Fundamentals Courses will make you well-rounded. Employers will expect that you have taken many of them.

The listed courses provide core knowledge in a range of common substantive areas, as well as basic professional skills needed in virtually all practice areas, and in life. Think of them as the “hub” that more specialized courses build on. Take some of them as a 2L to explore options, identify areas you unexpectedly love, and meet the pre-requisites for more specialized courses in your 3L year. Have a good reason for opting out of those you choose not to take. Pay particular attention to your writing skills.

Knowledge Fundamentals

Professional Skills Fundamentals

Real Life Lawyering

  • Clinics (At least 2 Credits)
  • Externships (At least 2 credits)
  • (Note that you need to take a clinic or a public service externship to satisfy the Public Service requirement and must take 9 credits of any combination of professional skills and real life lawyering courses)

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