Civil Rights Law Pathway

Explore how civil rights law is applied within these practice contexts.



  • Businesses about how to comply with civil rights laws
  • Individuals about their rights


  • Re-negotiate mortgages in disadvantaged communities hit by predatory lending practices
  • Develop alternative financial products and services to prevent discrimination and help vulnerable populations access credit
  • Create new business models to better foster sustainable economic development


  • Pursue civil rights claims in federal or state court
  • Engage in extensive investigation or formal discovery
  • Work with experts and statistical information
  • File or defend against employment discrimination claims before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or comparable state agencies

Public Policy

  • Engage in long-term litigation strategies to shape judicial interpretation of the federal and state constitutions, statutes and the common law
  • Participate in efforts to amend civil rights law and regulations, major sources of law in these hotly contested areas

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