Civil Rights Law Pathway

What Civil Rights Lawyers Do

Civil rights lawyers:

  • Help clients enforce or defend against claims that civil rights have been violated, in areas such as free speech, free exercise of religion, voting, and non-discrimination in employment or housing
  • Represent individuals, classes of individuals, federal, state and local governments, businesses and employers
  • Navigate civil rights statutes, regulations, the Constitution and extensive case law in controversial social contexts
  • Practice in non-profit agencies; law firms, including many small and solo firms representing individuals, and large firms that do significant pro bono work or defend businesses; and government agencies enforcing civil rights laws

Who Might Enjoy This Specialty?

You might enjoy practicing civil rights law if you are:

  • Comfortable helping clients subject to discrimination or accusations of wrong-doing
  • At ease with statistical evidence and expert witnesses, for discrimination claims
  • Patient with claims that may take years to resolve
  • Passionate about protecting civil rights
  • Eager to advise businesses on best practices regarding compliance with civil rights laws

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