Business Law Pathway

What Business Lawyers Do

Business lawyers:

  • Help business clients structure and develop their businesses
  • Represent, private, public and non-profit businesses or entrepreneurs of all sizes
  • Navigate core business law concepts, strategic planning options, and specialized expertise, including complex statutes and regulations
  • Practice in firms of all sizes, including solo practice, and in-house for a specific company or organization

Who Might Enjoy This Specialty?

You might enjoy practicing business law if you:

  • Enjoy and communicate effectively with non-lawyer business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives
  • Like to work in teams in a collaborative, non-adversarial process
  • “Speak business” and understand core business and accounting concepts and basic planning challenges and solutions
  • Think strategically and like the game of “what if?” or “if, then”
  • Creatively solve problems and develop solutions with a positive “can-do” mindset
  • Negotiate effectively
  • Are not drawn to the courtroom
  • Write well and enjoy drafting precise language
  • Thrive on detail-oriented, complex technical challenges
  • Aspire to work as corporate or in-house counsel

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