Accelerated J.D. Program

The Accelerated J.D. (AJD) Program is a rigorous program that allows motivated students to complete their legal education in 8 quarters instead of the typical 9 quarters in 3 academic years.

Prospective students interested in the Accelerated J.D. program must first apply and be accepted into the J.D. program. At the completion of their first year of law school, students can apply to the AJD program. Please contact the Office of Admissions at for more information.

Reasons to pursue an AJD

Candidates interested in this type of program might be:

  • Mid-career professionals
  • Foreign trained lawyers with strong English language proficiency
  • Individuals with established career plans following law school
  • Adults who seek to reenter the workforce

The accelerated approach enables students to earn income from their careers sooner and may reduce a student's cost of attendance.

Accelerated J.D. Schedule

Autumn Winter Spring Summer
1L 16 credits of required courses 15 credits of required courses 16 credits of required courses 15-18 credits
  • Substantive "bar" courses
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Skills requirements
  • Externship credits
2L 18 credits 18 credits 18 credits Externship or Employment
3L Complete credits needed to reach 135 total credits Take Bar Exam in February

AJD students begin their program in September alongside traditional 3-year students. Their courses include the same first-year courses taken by 3-year students, and they will be ranked in their entering class along with traditional students. AJD students will also maintain their eligibility for the same honors and awards given to 3-year students.

Students in the Accelerated J.D. will have a more fixed schedule, but they will still have the opportunity to select from a broad range of elective courses, clinics, externships, student-edited journals, and moot court and trial competitions. Students in the Accelerated J.D. program complete the same number of credit hours as traditional J.D. students, but in 8 quarters.

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